Marking out Holes

  1. Use calipers or silver pen and ruler

Use of the Revolving Punch

  1. Select size
  2. Punch hole,
  3. Wiggle while closed,
  4. Open punch slightly and turn 45 degrees and repunch,
  5. Remove punch.


1. Don’t put tools on top of punch.

2. Don’t put punch on top of any tools.

Punch onto another piece of waste leather to make a nice ‘one cut’ hole.

If punch is badly chipped, order new end pieces.

1. If they look repairable, maybe a 0-1mm chip?

2. Remove punch from the revolving bit by undoing with small crescent.

3. Place in the vice and file flat. (file the “pipe” shorter) then sharpen the “pipe”. Screw

back in and check the angle that it hits the brass bottom plate at.

4. To make a nice clean cut it needs to be touching cleanly all around.

5. Remove and sand brass piece flat, by rubbing on sandpaper that is sitting onto glass.

6. Consider how the brass bit looks when using the largest punch and check against all

others as well.

Hand Held Punch – the ones you hit with the hammer

Store them so that they are not hitting the sharp end on other hard items

Punch onto a piece of wood or hard soling leather on or held in vice