Art Portfolio

Jessie Minieri

My name is Jessie Minieri, and I am a Junior. I live with three of my five siblings and my mom and dad. I really enjoy school, especially math, history, and of course art. I love running, which is why I participate in three seasons of the sport. I love being involved in the school community, which is why I participate in many clubs and joined student council. My favorite pastime is drawing in my sketchbook, where I create gestural figures. When I was little I was sure I was going to be an artist when I grew up. I was homeschooled through middle school. Because I did not have any artistic influences, I did not create much. However, when I was little, I loved to draw cartoon characters, especially with colored pencils.

This year I have focused more on developing my own style of art. I realized I like gestural art with obvious brush strokes that show the textures behind the paint. In art class I have done mostly paintings this year, with watercolor or acrylic. In many of the pieces I have added fine-point pen for detail. I have worked with a variety of subjects in my artwork, from self-portraits to bears. I found that I have tended to create many pieces with sea creatures this year. I like the way watercolor creates intriguing background and pen can make detailed designs. My favorite art piece that I have made this year is my mechanical paradox turtle. Art is important to me because it provides me an outlet. Compared to all the stress I have from other classes, I look forward to art everyday and am excited to express myself through my creations.