Organ Drive Provides Tuition Money

Above: Student admires their pile of money after donating their skin.

JOE ROSENFIELD CENTER 101 - Grinnell cultivates a strong culture of service and giving back to the community, and one of the best events to support these ideals is the blood drive. Often located in JRC 101, the drive attracts hundreds of students who attend each visit to give blood and save a life or two.

Now, to attract even more donors for the countless patients who rely on these generous contributions, [LifeServe} has agreed to compensate students who attend the session in between their D-hall shifts, library hours, and the bounty hunting they squeeze in to pay off student loans.

“This is great,” one student said. “My tuition is expected to double by next year, and if I donate blood twice a week, then I can make a couple hundred dollars a year to contribute to my textbook fees.”

With the encouragement of the administration, [LifeServe] has started offering another option – organ donations. “We are all just carrying around these organs that we really don’t need,” one employee explained, “and what better purpose for them than helping another person? And all to fund your college tuition – it’s a win-win-win situation!”

Thousands of students have expressed interest in taking advantage of these opportunities. “Organ donation was a great idea – now I can actually start to make a dent in that payment. And I’ll only need to work three jobs if I go to grad school!” one student explained. Now, after the twice weekly visits by [LifeServe] you can see students walking around missing fingers or ears, all expertly wrapped and preserved by [LifeServe] and SHACS staff.

On the donation sheet [LifeServe] now provides three options for donors – just blood, organs, or organs for grad school. As both undergraduate and graduate tuitions continue to rise to exorbitant amounts, [LifeServe] provides a valuable service to all students. As one student remarked, “Now I’ll only have to work 25 hours a day to stay in school!”

One student proudly announced his intention to donate his heart to pay for medical school.

Other students, inspired by the possibility of attaining only some crippling student debt later in life, lined up to donate arms and legs for two-year grad schools, and spines to pay for law school.

[LifeServe] has created an incredible opportunity that benefits both those in need of blood or organs, and individuals who need a way to pay their college tuitions – way to see service in action!