dierdre goes home for the holidays

Above: Derpa at home.

It was just an ordinary day--until it wasn’t. Deidre felt a feeling she hadn’t in years, not since she left the family nest for what she thought was for good. Yet on this day, on this cloudy day filled with ominous signs of windcutting doom, Deerduh looked down upon her arm and saw her ancient family crest spreading and growing across it, darker and heavier. She felt an unscapable urge to press it. Immediately it transported her to the same streets she had walked and flew on for years, the same streets that had formed her into a vampire-slaying-vampyre before she ultimately broke free of them and took the world by glittergarlic storm. But now, now. her family was calling her, for reasons unknown, and after years of estrangement permeated by bloodlonging, she was finally ready to confront them at last. She opened the gates of the castle, and walked inside. Deirdre was almost home to her cave. She was so excited to celebrate her favorite holidays with the vampyrs she loves. There is cousin Tony, an accountant by day. Then there is aunt Sally, a professor of vampyr studies. Deirdre doesn’t like all her relatives, though. Ever since the noodle incident, which most definitely happened, Deirdre’s relationship with her uncle Max has been strained, unlike the noodles. But that’s all blood under the bridge. Most importantly, there is the cat, Rufus. Rufus is a wonderful cat. The best part of the holidays for Deirdre is the family time. Daydray also gets to eat all of her favorite food without doing the dishes – vampyr cake and meat. However, Deirdre also loves the holidays. There is Vampyr Days, the festival to honor all vampyrs. Deirdrah stared forlornly out of the window, her angular face set in an expression of anguish. She realized at once, that it just wasn’t that same anymore to come home for the holidays, as her family just didn’t understand her life. She was just special and unique and they couldn’t be on the same level any longer, although her parents didn’t realize that and would never for the rest of her eternal life. She gracefully rose from her chair and swooped up to her room, throwing the door closed behind her. She stared at the walls of her old room, a place that had meant so much to her but now seemed so very small. She looked at the moon, it shimmered and glowed above the horizon, indifferent yet knowing yet removed yet powerful. The moon reminded Dietdew of herself. Accepting this, she graciously pivoted and stalked back down the stairs and out the door. Good bye, she proclaimed in a calm echoing voice. Finally after a long day of vague festive activities, Do-op group returned to her cave, all cold and happy. Finally, Dump had the holiday season at home that she had always wanted. Her gullet was full of warm vampire non-blood and all of her family members were around, including her slippery pet Burt. He lovingly sank his fangs into her arm. Deeorrrrrrr laughed and patted Burt, thanking him for this loving display of affection. Silvery-blue non-blood oozed out of her hand where Burt had bitten as she patted his slippery little head. Ice-cold non-blood flowed through Duran Duran’s veins as she sank down into a cozy pile of wood chips by the fire. Defgreiu reminisced about her day as she unlaced her tall black stiletto Ugg boots. Oh the fun she had and oh the challenges she had faced. Djangounchanged only knew one thing for certain in that moment, she was happy. And also she loved vampire meat sandwiches more than anything. Happy Holidays, Deirdoe.