Julia Dursztman '19

Julia Dursztman ‘19 has had a turbid relationship with the B&S. The Editor-in-Chief tricked her into joining the editorial staff her 2nd year after she lost a game of chess against him. This was complicated by the fact that she thought she was playing checkers. Like Persephone, Julia also made the mistake of eating something in the Publications Office, and now she is only allowed to leave 3 months a year. Which is fine by her as long as she gets her weekly dosage of pail tequila shots. Make no mistake, Julia is an extremely funny and powerful B&S writer and editor. When not at the B&S, she spends her 3 months of freedom doing stand-up, G-Mons, being a theater and political science double major, and trying to decipher the difference between checkers and chess.

Andrea Baumgartel '19

Andrea Baumgartel ‘19, known by loved ones as Bangs McGee, began her B&S career after she hatched from a small shiny egg that appeared one morning in the SPARC Publications Office. By far the speediest member of the editorial team, Andrea made B&S history when she outran Deirdre, the vampire-slaying vampire out behind the Bear Athletic Center. When she is not creating satirical magic with her fabulous comedic brain or closely searching every corner of the Pubs office to try to figure out where the egg that hatched her came from, Andrea is a English major. Andrea can be found furiously scribbling and foaming at the mouth at Writers-at-Grinnell readings alongside Rory Gilmore, snacking on healthy healthy trail mix, or laughing at Deirdre’s incompetence.

Isaac Ferber '20

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Marnie monogue '21

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Melissa hyder '21

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Deirdra (Deerdrah ( Dearghragh ( derdah (dirdir........

This vampire vampyre killer does not know the B&S exits as she is far too busy confronting the daemons of her dark past and negotiating her complex relationship with Percivius (Percivus (Percival )). However, if she did know it existed she would be sure to toss her long, flowing, and iridescent hair, look far into the distance in deep contemplation, and then stop by to help out. And she would only kill us all if we were vampurs, as her Eternal Contract stipulates.