New Tiered Wifi System Announced

THE FORUM-The RayK recently announced that the school’s wifi system will be redesigned following the recently suggested plans to repeal Net Neutrality - the principle that keeps the internet free to use and prevents Internet Service Providers from selectively choosing which sites to host and how to host them.

The new plan involves dividing the Grinnell Student Wifi into two systems. The GrinnellCheapskatewifi system will give access to Grinnell-based websites and nothing else. In efforts to address students growing dependence on their phones and the distractions this causes, measures will be taken to ensure the system immediately fills cellular devices with adware ifif they sign onto this system.

The other wifi system, GrinnellDeluxewifi, is unrestricted but will need to be funded with Campus Cash.

It will still fill phones with adware, but can log on to Facebook and access google. New P-Card readers will be installed in all the facilities on campus in order to use the new system, which will cost $10 per hour and will be the default plan unless a student chooses to opt for the cheaper plan at least ten months before the semester starts.

RayKin has been emboldened by the student body responding to the FCC’s net neutrality repeal news with resounding silence. While some students are actively taking a stance against this online, most are largely silent in public.

An Nguyen ‘21 said, “While Raymond’s proposal, and the FCC one, is abjectly terrible for all of us, I guess I can see the merit in it. I spend way too much time just on Tumblr alone, so may this could help me curb my usage.”

Oliver Dorton ‘19 has a different reaction.

“I’ve fully accepted that every good thing we have is going to be taken away from us in some capacity by either the government or by the school. So at this point, I’ve accepted that the internet is next. As long as they don’t take away Gardner’s, I’ll be fine.”

DannieDRAK2020, a self-proclaimed “Net Neutralizer”, on why they haven’t been taking a more active stance on the issue, said “I’ve tried, but every time we try to ask for a table outside of the Dining Hall, we get boxed out by yet another SGA activity, and our wifi goes down every time we try to post anything else. It’s like they somehow shut it off anytime we are online. Then again, the wifi can get pretty bad sometimes, so maybe we’re just feeling paranoid.”

As RayK’s office isn’t accepting calls at this time, we highly implore you to call your congressman or other representatives in order to protest the Net Neutrality decision.