Convocation Retrospective

JRC 101 – For the past several years, the College has hosted a series of convocation presentations (or, in other words, secular, apolitical, mild-to-non-contentious, abstract, esoteric, non-pictorial, holistic, academic, comprehensive, research, talks) in which an expert from the outside comes to Grinnell and presents their somewhat noteworthy thoughts and ground-wobbling musings to a handful of sleep-deprived over-achievers and profs who “had to be there”.

The B&S’s Kyra Plott ’19 spoke to students who attended the past few talks. Here’s what they had to say:

Max Orwell ’21: I really enjoyed ‘Unearned Jubilance of Pro-Ice-Age, 16th-Century Mysticism—With a frodo-Freudian Twist’. I had never considered something I had never considered from a perspective that I had never considered. I can’t remember the details, but it was eye-opening.

Jana Gershwitz ’18: I walked into JRC 101 upon seeing the sign ‘The Politics of Flu,’ expecting it to be all about the problematics of parents refusing to vaccinate their kids. “

“Instead I ended up getting my flu shot. Also a Wonder Woman sticker. That made it worth it.”

Luis Vidal ‘18: Last night I was at this thing called ‘Writers At Grinnell’, they just wrote for a bit while the audience watched. They provided us coffee even though it was 9 PM, maybe to keep us awake?

Juliett Bracher ’20: The last talk I went to was extremely radical. This virtually unknown chemist gave a presentation on a thing that only some people know or talk about, something about the climate changing, from a chemical standpoint. And after, there was a question-and-answer, with microphones, for all 3 of us! The speaker was so well-spoken . . . maybe she was born with it . . . maybe it’s benzene . .

Carl McComish ’19: Honestly, I was a bit disappointed by the last convocation, where RayK gave a talk on his experiences.”

“But instead of RayK showing up, it was just a small orb of soft light, glowing at the podium, wearing a suit bought from the Goodwill even though it was clearly ironed by someone who isn’t RayK, trying to vibe with the student body, but none of us bought it, continued McComish.”

Uli Chmura ’20: “What’s a scholar’s convocation?”