Self-gov costume wins costume contest

HARRIS – Harris Center: Surprising no one, talented computer science major and surprise art prodigy Guinevere Marcus ‘20 won first place at this weekend’s Halloween Harris Costume Contest. Her innovative approach to costume design dazzled, it couldn’t be ignored. Marcus’ truly terrifying portrayal of self-gov was a surefire winner, in a sea of bad makeup vampires and skimpy bumblebees, her work shone like the Mona Lisa next to finger paintings. Standing at a whopping 6 feet 2 inches tall, her costume wowed the crowd and projected a powerful statement on the politics of Grinnell. Nearly all the partygoers had something to say, with Andy Moreau ‘19 telling us “I cried. It was beautiful and terrifying and I’m still processing what I’ve been blessed to see tonight.” This statement is paraphrased from an approximately half hour long babbling tearful rant.

Witnesses recall the moment Marcus entered the building. According to multiple accounts, there was an audible gasp as she sauntered onto the dancefloor. The music stalled, and there are reports coming in of students nearly fainting at the pure genius of the costume. Marcus was immediately awarded first place, and as word spread, the Halloween spirit engulfed campus like it never had before.

Cries of “Self-gov is love” and “Self-gov is dead” were all validated in their own way, reflected in the profundity of the costume. Erik Johnson ’19 quoted Grinnell College President George Glass’s infamous October 10, 1887 speech from memory: “It is 10,000 times better that young people should learn to govern themselves, than that they should be governed in any best way whatsoever.” Fourth years reminisced over self-gov from the past, while younger students yearned to capture the essence of this magical concept.

As for the contest itself, there was no contest. The titanic achievement of perfectly personifying self-gov was itself a fulfilling addition to the catalogue of great human art, and transcended any award from puny mortals in a pleasantly sweaty dance hall. When word of this exceptional feat reached Nollen House, Grinnell president Raynard Kington immediately began drafting a memo addressing the costume, which included an offer to Marcus of full tuition for this semester, along with her remaining two years on campus, as well as a substantial monetary sum to be included in Kington’s will.

Photographic evidence of the self-gov specter was surprisingly lacking. When asked, João Pereira ‘21 said that “everybody just froze, like, I had plenty of room on my phone for terabytes of grainy vertical videos with loud compressed music in a dark room but once I saw Gwen I just had this feeling that I didn’t need to film anything anymore. I had what I needed and nothing else needed to be done. I haven’t checked my phone since.” Our attempts to contact SGA have been met with less than stellar results, with the official photographer for the event refusing to hand over any images taken that night, and has apparently locked himself in his studio.

When asked for comments, Marcus was humble, asking us “What costume party? Was that tonight? I meant to go but I was really tired. Full tuition? What?” Truly the mark of an esteemed artist with a bright future. We look forward to enjoying her work for years to come.