HSSC is Good enough

Above: Students wait for their professor to finish climbing up to the classroom.

HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL STUDIES COMPLEX – Although the new Humanities Complex is still technically under construction, academic advising has deemed it “good enough” to hold classes in.

“Some of the seniors were complaining that they wouldn’t have classes in the Humanities Complex, so we decided to move a few courses there,” Head of Academic Advising Janine Lane stated. “For example, now Introduction to Economics will be held on the first floor!”

Many students appreciate this change.

“At first, I was sort of annoyed because I enjoy heated classrooms, as well as doors. But at least I get to graduate having taken a class in every building!” Jessa Brod ‘18 said as she shivered on the first floor of the Humanities Complex. Since there are no windows or doors in the new complex, many students can step right into class.

Other perks of the new building include an insight into rust, and the possibility to touch the crane, but only maybe.

However, other students view this as poor planning, or worse--pandering.

“I can barely hear the professors speak. That being said, I’ve learned a lot of new curse words!” Allan Mipter ‘20 groused.

“I didn’t really care about having classes in the new building and now I’m freezing my tush off. And since they haven’t built stairs yet, I literally scale the side of the new building just to get to class!” Logan Graves ‘19 agreed.

To some, Humanities Complex has taken on a new meaning. “All these humanities majors sit around stroking their goatees and pondering the meaning of life,” Alexie Gibbons ’20 complained. “And now they get a new building! They think they’re so cool.”

Some professors are incredibly concerned. However, many of them have found the rusty lining to the storm clouds that have hovered over Grinnell ever since the building’s conception.

“It started pouring in the middle of my exam, and I couldn’t read any of the students’ answers. I decided to fail them all anyways, the patsies.” Professor Crawdad, Anthropology cackled.

“Still, it beats having class in Noyce and dealing with all those snooty math professors!”

Even the cafe has opened! However, it has decided to serve ice cream during the colder months and coffee during the warmer months.

“We thought this would be the best! This way, we don’t have to worry about the ice cream melting or the coffee getting cold” Lane explained. “Let’s toast to new beginnings!”