Derdre Does Sportz

Dierede drew her flowing black locks away from her deathly pale face and into a pony tail. Deirdra was ready; it was time to play soccer. Although Deard had never played soccer before, she was confident in her ability to excel. After all, she was a vampyr, stronger and faster than any living soccer player could ever be, though she was dead.

Also, Deedeedede had honed her vampyr skills as a a vampyr killer, defeating even other vampyrs with her graceful deadliness.

She would win this soccer game with the same deadely gracefulness.

But then, suddenly, Deirder looked up, and was shocked and stunned and also surprised to realize that the opposing team were actually vampyrs themselves.

Not only that, but also, in addition the team captain was Percivus.

Deirdrere caught the ball in her bloodthirsty fangs, her eyes blazing like those of a winner.

“GET OUT OF MY WAY, PLEBS!” Running towards the net, Deeedrry triple-back-loop-curled over the bylane, swooping in and out of the forward line and finally vaulting 500 feet past the paddle target.

“TOUCHDOWN!!” The crowd roared, louder and louder, as Drrttt swam as faster than the opposing linebackers put together.

But the best moment was when Dertgghre, in the same exact moment, swiveled the puck around the goalie’s waist, grabbed the net with the left jump of her windsurfer, and volleyed to victory.

But at once, Diadoo knew that it was too late!! The puck had picked up on her extra-human magnetic blood and was zooming straight towards her.

Dappadoo knew she couldn’t let her entire team down and lose the blood cup, so she ran. Her silver strands whistled against her pointy earring holders as she whizzed passed second base towards the touchdown zone. A single trickle of glistening sparkle blood spilled out of her left nose from the first quarter, but that did not stop her!

Devira knew that if she let Purpava win the game for his team that their marriage was over and she did not want that, and she also wanted the winners cup of soup so she kept gliding away.

Dirtcup glided and whizzed over 6th plate, 7th, and reached the swimming portion of the quarter.

Diamond knew this was the end. Her silvery strands were no match for the wet lake, and her perm would be ruined if she dared to jump in.

Now that Dierdregh does sportz, the possibilities are endless. She can do intramurals and even join a varsity team.

Her life has changed. She is in better shape than ever and feels good about herself. She can work out at the gym. Most importantly, she appreciates the values of teamwork and camaraderie and she also is a gracious winner and loser.

But Deardre is not a loser. She is a winner because she does sports. All winners do sports.

Sports are all Dierdre ever really wanted. Since she was a young child, she wanted to do sports, but the cosmos aligned to prevent her.

Now that the cosmos have realigned, and now she can do sports, and can she ever! Deirdre does sports and sports do Deirdre. Deirdre has always done sports and she always will, but she especially does sports now.

Deirdre recommends doing sports to everyone who wants to do sports, because doing sports is everything.