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Nina Galanter '18

Nina Galanter ’18 sprung into existence after the [2015] Chief Editor and her loyal first mate wished upon a star. Ever since, Nina has valiantly toiled in the B&S dungeons, dealing with the whims of the Senior Editors with grace and dignity until she became Co-Chief Editor and was filled with whims of her own. Because she joined the Team during her second semester, she knows not of the life outside the walls of the SPARC office. When she is not trapped in InDesign hell, she is trapped in Mathematics major hell. She is, however, exactly where she wants to be. Nina is simply biding her time and gathering strength. Soon she will emerge from her chrysalis, wreaking havoc on our mortal realm.

Isaac Mielke '18

The B&S's resident Minnesota boi, Isaac Mielke, toyed with the heartstrings of the then-current editors as an elusive, on-and-off again writer before finally taking the plunge and committing his heart and soul to the great satirical maw forevermore. Both vegetarian and avid listener of obscure yet poignant tunes, Isaac will always be more hipster than you. When not reporting and editing the most urgent matters to all of humankind here at the B&S headquarters, Isaac can be found playing Russian-dictator-inspired board games, baking scrumptious delicacies, practicing effective altruism, grinning nonchalantly and/or changing his major.

Aaron Weerasinghe '17

Aaron Weerasinghe ’17 has lived and breathed it all at the B&S. After walking in on a meeting as a first year by accident and feeling too awkward to leave, Aaron enjoyed a wild 2 years writing for and being on the board of the B&S. Tired of fame, he decided to take a break from the stardom life and retire to South Africa, a stint which only lasted six months before realizing those he left in charge of the B&S were clueless incompetents and that he was needed back in Grinnell to save the populous from the threat of boredom and the S&B. He was at the B&S for the rest of his time at Grinnell. When not working for the B&S, Aaron Weerasinghe enjoyed being the merciless overlord of the Weekly Pub Quiz, as well as researching unorthodox remixes and covers of popular songs, writing extremely advanced and deeply thematic young adult vampiric gothic literature, and making cupcakes.

Abraham mhaidli '17

Abraham Mhaidli '17 (pronounced MIS-ter NOO-dull), as a Computer Science major, will one day design the software that turns all the rest past and present B&S editors into Drones of the Postmodern Era. Abraham got into this whole comedy business by accident, when he mistyped "frat" as "fart" and discovered an entirely new realm of humorous possibilities. But outside of all that nonsense, he was a passionate member of RISE Grinnell. After graduation, Abraham hoped to play for his favorite football team, F.C. Barcelona.

Wiley Kornbluh '16

Wiley Kornbluh was biology major from Evanston, Illinois. Wiley became a B&S writer in their first year because someone coerced them to sign up for the B&S email list. During their time at Grinnell Wiley continued this tradition with countless clueless n00bs. Wiley was passionate about their role as editor of the Grinnell B&S because it allowed them to wield arbitrary power over the student body. Aside from their editorial duties, Wiley was a member of the Infinite Coincidence improv group, an avid conspiracy knowist, a staff member at the Grinnell College Libraries, and an all around super genuine person. After their inevitable departure from the B&S, Wiley hoped to start a nonprofit organization promoting satirical media in New Zealand in order to help less comedically privileged communities.

Tess Given '15

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Most concrete information about Joe is lost to the annals of history. At best we can guess that the image to the left is a somewhat accurate depiction of Joe's appearance, or that Joe is a formless ideal to which no following editors could or will ever hope to live up to.