What to Do When You're New

What to do When You're New, How to be Comfortable, Confident, and Successful in New Situations
, by Keith Rollag, Amacom 2015

Filled with "positivityness" tips and practice ideas, this book is a great addition to your life.  We all avoid "new" situations - "new" interviews, "new" speeches, "new" projects, "new" friends, but Rollag, a professor at Babson, offers real success tips to move beyond the why and how and what-ifs, to confidence and achievement at "new."  For example, he urges us to imagine the kind of newcomer we'd like to become.  Try it out by applying your best skills to a learning situation, and then look for more opportunities to progress.  I like his eight steps to increasing chances for the "new" to work:

1.  Make a public commitment - i.e. tell a supportive friend what you are attempting
2.  Acknowledge your stone age brain
3  the worst case scenario rarely happens
4.  put yourself in others' shoes
5.  approach new situations as experiments, not tests
6.  give and seek energy
7.  write things down
8  be patient