Positivity and achievement

The Winning Advantage, Tap into Your Richest Resources
, by Raymond Houser, BookBaby 2018
Every so often we find a positivity book, and this one makes sense, although Houser is an unusual person who started his career by selling pecans at age 6.  What he offers us as perspective on staying positive and moving through negative experiences and leftover images is quite valuable. 
Don't be put off by Houser's old-school spins, like his church experiences.  What he carried with him from a challenging childhood, to incredible wealth opportunities, is encouraging.  He shows how to shed the negative feelings by concentrating on what makes us unique as individuals.  "See yourself living your dream.  Visualize what it will take to get there."  Do you think Steve Jobs did it this way?
The most valuable section of Houser's book includes these steps:
1.  Write down your goals, and act as though you have already realized them
2.  Develop the habit to record a success when it happens
3.  Make other people feel important
4.  Start, and stay with, an exercise program
5.  Read and listen to inspirational materials
6.  Write down all the things you are doing well and those that are not going to well
7.  Smith at others, and you'll be surprised how often the gesture is returned
8.  See the good in others, especially those with whom you disagrees.
Some of these recommendations are really hard.  "See the good in others, especially those with whom you disagree?"  Wow, that's hard work.
Mill Girl Verdict:  Not Dale Carnegie, thank goodness, but a real surprise.  Believable and doable, really.
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