New Leadership Titles

Winning from Failing, Build and Lead a Corporate Learning Culture for High Performance
, by Josh Seibert, Sandler Training, 2017
    "Effective leadership reinforcement means identifying, ahead of time, the areas within which failure can occur, and then accepting that failure as part of the learning process when it does take place."  Drawing on Seibert's experiences serving aboard a U.S. Navy nuclear sub, as well as his work as a corporate trainer, the author describes how to build a learning culture.  

Excellence in Execution, How to Implement Your Strategy, by Robin Speculand, Morgan James Publishing 2017

Speculand draws on case studies and client examples from Singapore Airlines, Cisco, Ikea, Estee Lauder, Visa, Honeywell, LVMH, Citigroup, Wipro, DBS Bank, and Oracle. 

Patricia E. Moody
FORTUNE magazine  "Pioneering Woman in Mfg" 
IndustryWeek IdeaXchange Xpert
A Mill Girl at Blue Heron Journal, on-line resource for business thought-leaders and decision-makers,,,