The Right Hire

THE RIGHT HIRE, Attract and Retain the Best People, by Lisette Howlett, Sandler Training 2018
You see the ads for job openings - career positions like software engineer - reappearing in the classifieds.  You hear the buzz about Boomer retirements and Millennial job changes.  The market is looking hot right now and employers understand that not only must they compete for customers and market share, but they need to look really good to attract and retain the best talent.  In manufacturing companies as blue collar positions decrease, they are replaced by more technical professionals - , customer service and account management, software, robotics, process flow, new product development hires.  Its clear that as manufacturing becomes more specialized and technical, the job of recruiting becomes more intense.
So how to guarantee your company's success in this very competitive hiring market?  Lisette Howlett offers up-to-date recommendations along with specific guidelines to help your company win.  Readers will find Chapter 6, Qualify and Select, particularly useful for its candidate screening and evaluation tools:
1.  checklist of initial screening questions and resources
2.  screening and reference calls
3.  social media data
4.  experienced and non-experienced candidate screening guidelines and specifics
5.  how to conduct a personal interview
6.  the "Interview Funnel," with specific recommendations and graphics to identify and further draw out the right candidate.
Chapter 9 offers advice on working with recruiters; Chapter 4 Define and Template, detailed candidate questions with some information on testing.