Mock Chopped Liver

Source: Shelby
adapted by

This makes a lot. Way more than a quart!

2 15-oz cans Le Sueur Very Young Early Peas
1 15-oz can chick peas
2 large sweet onions, sliced or chopped
8 oz shelled walnuts
3 tablespoons olive oil or grapeseed oil
4 eggs, hard-cooked and shelled
salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

In a skillet, saute the onions in the oil until they turn golden brown.

In a food processor or a blender, combine the chick peas, walnuts and baby peas and pulse it a bit, to a somewhat smooth consistency, leave a little texture to it if you like. Remove to a medium size bowl. Then blend the eggs and the onions together in the food processor (or blender) and pulse to a somewhat smooth consistency, leaving texture. Or smooth if you prefer. Add the eggs and onions to the chick pea, walnuts and peas in the bowl and mix it all together; add salt and pepper to taste. It should resemble chopped liver somewhat! Serve chilled.