Candy Buttons

Source: Rachael Ray Everyday, October 2010
adapted There's Always Thyme to Cook!

1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar
1 egg white
3 drops food coloring, any color
3 drops food coloring, another color
2 zip lock plastic bags

Cut white paper into twelve 2 X 11 inch strips

Using an electric mixer, mix the egg whites and the powdered sugar until it becomes white, thick and creamy. Divide the icing into two small bowls and add three drops of color to each bowl. I used pink in one bowl and blue in the other bowl. Stir well and cover each bowl with plastic wrap until you are ready to use them.

Scrape the pink (or whatever color you use!) icing into a ziplock bag and squeeze all the icing to the bottom of the bag. Squeeze to get all the air out and then when you are ready, snip one very small corner off, but a very small tip of the corner. Pipe the icing out onto the paper in very small dots. About 3-4 dots across in even rows. When about a quarter of the pink icing is left, add the blue icing to the bag and continue piping dots. Let the candy buttons dry at room temperature until they are hardened, for about 12 hours or overnight.

If fresh eggs are an issue in your area, you can use pasteurized egg whites from a carton, or powdered whites! Just follow the instructions for measurement on the package.