About Us

We are a company with global coverage of interior design, 3D interior design, with a vast experience in interior architecture and we always focus on the needs of our clients, regardless of the projects we are applying for and they involve bringing to the fore some luxurious elements or simply rely on a simple plan but with a tasteful result. We are a service provider and this detail must be uplifting in our activity, clients who want to benefit from a professionalism, choosing exactly the type of services they require.

Our activity is a complete one and involves a series of personalized services or a combination of activities whose result is equivalent to a special interior arrangement. Our clients are, in most cases, natural and legal persons, whether their requests are related to the arrangement of their own home, a space for offices or for any other room meant to support an event or activity. Also, we often collaborate with construction companies that require an interior design firm with experience in this field and not least with large companies whose activity involves the arrangement of interior spaces in a certain way.

- Interior design services offered by our specialists
• 3D design.
• Purchase of decorative elements.
• Elaboration of the project.
• Implementation of the stages.
• Custom furniture.
• Custom graphics.
• Dedicated architectural design.

We offer professional interior design services, furniture design, 3D interior design for houses, villas, apartments and commercial spaces. Together with us you have the guarantee of quality services and at the same time complete, every detail of the elaborated plan being highlighted in order to maintain the strategy on which it was agreed.
 We are open to any proposals and we maintain an active interest in shaping each project dedicated to interior design, with clients having the opportunity to intervene at any time so that the final result is in line with the initial expectations.
E-mail: office.nobilidesign[@]gmail.com
Website projects: http://nobili-design.com