Maya Dowling-Wolfe Art Portfolio

My name is Maya Dowling-Wolfe and I’m a senior. I was born in Hanoi, Vietnam and at six months old was adopted by two wonderful moms. In school, I enjoy learning about history and creating art. During freshman year I fell in love with game of tennis and now spend most of my free time training for the season. I also love to play soccer, take my puppy on long walks, and spend time with my friends and family. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do because it allows me to experience new things in new places. Two years ago, I co-founded the Civil Rights Team at FHS which I am extremely passionate about. CRT and my art allow me to express my views on social and political issues. Last year in Advanced Studio Art I was able to explore the idea of “women”. I have carefully crafted my concentration to reflect the unjust treatment of women through the manipulation of media and sexual violence. While creating most of my pieces I often draw on my own experiences as a woman and the environment I have been raised in.

I find a lot of my inspiration online or by simply flipping through magazines. I often base my ideas off “constructions” of women. One of my favorite mediums is fine point pen which I tend to use on smaller pieces. One of my more ambitious pieces was a 18” by 22” portrait of Aly Raisman created out of dots with a fine point pen. I love working with watercolor because it gives a piece more movement. I often create contrast in my pieces by using watercolor with fine point pen.