G3 Alma & Primo Training

The G3 Alma Implementation Project sanctioned a training team to provide a 'training wiki' within the following parameters:

    • The goal is to consolidate, streamline, and present consortial policies, documentation, and workflows.
    • Items presented on this training wiki should be finalized or finalized enough.
    • Some of the material posted on this wiki are links to existing Ex Libris resources deemed important.
    • This wiki does not intend to be a comprehensive set of materials needed for all of your institutional training
    • This wiki is open to the world and credentials are not required
    • We do hope to collect high level training plans from individual institutions and post to this wiki
    • The institution is responsible for training their staff and faculty during the April 2017

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The G3 Alma Implementation Project Training Team Membership

    • Jessica Lee, Valdosta State University (Acquisitions)
    • Clement Lau, Georgia Southern University (Assessment)
    • Robin Fay, University of North Georgia (Cataloging)
    • Ken Henslee, GALILEO (Electronic Resources)
    • Karen Glover, Georgia Tech (Fulfillment)
    • Amy Burger, Dalton State (Primo / OPAC)
    • Cynthia Ragin, GIL (Integrations / Support)
    • Bill Clayton, GIL
    • Adriana Pilecky-Dekajlo, Ex Libris
    • Connie Braun, Ex Libris