Power Windows

"The Big Money"

Big money goes around the world

Big money underground

Big money got a mighty voice

Big money make no sound

Big money pull a million strings

Big money hold the prize

Big money weave a mighty web

Big money draw the flies

Sometimes pushing people around

Sometimes pulling out the rug

Sometimes pushing all the buttons

Sometimes pulling out the plug

It's the power and the glory

It's a war in paradise

It's a cinderella story

On a tumble of the dice

Big money goes around the world

Big money take a cruise

Big money leave a mighty wake

Big money leave a bruise

Big money make a million dreams

Big money spin big deals

Big money make a mighty head

Big money spin big wheels

Sometimes building ivory towers

Sometimes knocking castles down

Sometimes building you a stairway -

Lock you underground

It's that old-time religion

it's the kingdom they would rule

It's the fool on television

Getting paid to play the fool

Big money goes around the world

Big money give and take

Big money done a power of good

Big money make mistakes

Big money got a heavy hand

Big money take control

Big money got a mean streak

Big money got no soul...

"Grand Designs"

A to B -

Different degrees...

So much style without substance

So much stuff without style

It's hard to recognize the real thing

It comes along once in a while

Like a rare and precious metal

Beneath a ton of rock

It takes some time and trouble

To separate from the stock

You sometimes have to listen to

A lot of useless talk

Shapes and forms

Against the norms -

Against the run of the mill

Swimming against the stream

Life in two dimensions

Is a mass production scheme

So much poison in power

The principles get left out

So much mind on the matter

The spirit gets forgotten about

Like a righteous inspiration

Overlooked in haste

Like a teardrop in the ocean

A diamond in the waste

Some world-views are spacious -

And some are merely spaced

Against the run of the mill

Static as it seems

We break the surface tension

With our wild kinetic dreams

Curves and lines -

Of grand designs...

"Manhattan Project"

Imagine a time when it all began

In the dying days of a war

A weapon - that would settle the score

Whoever found it first

Would be sure to do their worst -

They always had before...

Imagine a man where it all began

A scientist pacing the floor

In each nation - always eager to explore

To build the best big stick

To turn the winning trick -

But this was something more...

The big bang - took and shook the world

Shot down the rising sun

the end was begun - it would hit everyone

When the chain reaction was done

The big shots - try to hold it back

Fools try to wish it away

The hopeful depend on a world without end

Whatever the hopeless may say

Imagine a place where it all began

They gathered from across the land

To work in the secrecy of the desert sand

All of the brightest boys

To play with the biggest toys -

More than they bargained for...

Imagine a man when it all began

The pilot of "Enola Gay"

Flying out of the shockwave on that August day

All the powers that be, and the course of history,

Would be changed for evermore...


It's not how fast you can go

The force goes into the flow

If you pick up the beat

You can forget about the hea

More than just survival

More than just a flash

More than just a dotted line

More than just a dash

It's a test of ultimate will

The heartbreak climb uphill

Got to pick up the pace

If you want to stay in the race

More than just blind ambition

More than just simple greed

More than just a finish line

Must feed this burning need -

In the long run...

From first to last

The peak is never passed

Something always fires the light

That gets in your eyes

One moment's high

And glory rolls on by

Like a streak of lightening

That flashes and fades

In the summer sky

Your meters may overload

You can rest at the side of the road

You can miss a stride

But nobody gets a free ride

More than high performance

More than just a spark

More than just the bottom line

Or a lucky shot in the dark -

In the long run...

You can do a lot in a lifetime

If you don't burn out too fast

You can make the most of the distance

First you need endurance -

First you've got to last...


I see the Middle Kingdom between Heaven and Earth

Like the Chinese call the country of their birth

We all figure that our homes are set above

Other people than the ones we know and love

In every place with a name

They play the same territorial game

Hiding behind the lines

Sending up warning signs

The whole wide world

An endless universe

Yet we keep looking through

The eyeglass in reverse

Don't feed the people

But we feed the machines

Can't really feel

What international means

In different circles

We keep holding our ground

Indifferent circles

We keep spinning round and round

We see so many tribes - overrun and undermined

While their invaders dream of lands they've left behind

Better people - better food - and better beer

Why move around the world when Eden was so near?

The bosses get talking so tough

And if that wasn't evil enough

We get the drunken and passionate pride

Of the citizens along for the ride

They shoot without shame

In the name of a piece of dirt

For a change of accent

Or the colour of your shirt

Better the pride that resides

In a citizen of the world

Than the pride that divides

When a colourful rag is unfurled

"Middletown Dreams"

The office door closed early

The hidden bottle came out

The salesman turned to close the blinds

A little slow now, a little stout

But he's still heading down those tracks

Any day now for sure

Another day as drab as today

Is more than a man can endure

Dreams flow across the heartland

Feeding on the fires

Dreams transport desires

Drive you when you're down -

Dreams transport the ones

Who need to get out of town

The boy walks with his best friend

Through the fields of early May

They walk awhile in silence

One close - one far away

But he'd be climbing on that bus

Just him and his guitar

To blaze across the heavens

Like a brilliant shooting star

The middle-aged madonna

Calls her neighbour on the phone

Day by day the seasons pass

And leave her life alone

But she'll go walking out that door

On some bright afternoon

To go and paint big cities

From a lonely attic room

It's understood

By every single person

Who'd be elsewhere if they could

So far so good

And life's not unpleasant

In their little neighbourhood

They dream in Middletown...

"Emotion Detector"

When we lift the covers from our feelings

We expose our insecure spots

Trust is just as rare as devotion -

Forgive us our cynical thoughts

If we need too much attention -

Not content with being cool

We must throw ourselves wide open

And start acting like a fool

If we need too much approval

Then the cuts can seem too cruel

Right to the heart of the matter

Right to the beautiful part

Illusions are painfully shattered

Right where discovery starts

In the secret wells of emotion

Buried deep in our hearts

It's true that love can change us

But never quite enough

Sometimes we are too tender

Sometimes we're too tough

If we get too much attention

It gets hard to overrule

So often fragile power turns

To scorn and ridicule

Sometimes our big splashes

Are just ripples in the pool

Feelings run high

"Mystic Rhythms"

So many things I think about

When I look far away

Things I know - things I wonder

Things I'd like to say

The more we think we know about

The greater the unknown

We suspend our disbelief

And we are not alone -

Mystic rhythms - capture my thoughts

And carry them away

Mysteries of night

Escape the light of day

Mystic rhythms - under northern lights

Or the African Sun

Primitive things stir

The hearts of everyone

We sometimes catch a window

A glimpse of what's beyond

Was it just imagination

Stringing us along?

More things than are dreamed about

Unseen and unexplained

We suspend our disbelief

And we are entertained

Mystic rhythms - capture my thoughts

And carry them away

Nature seems to spin

A supernatural way

Mystic rhythms - under city lights

Or a canopy of stars

We feel the powers

And we wonder what they are

We feel the push and pull

Of restless rhythms from afar