-Archives (1978)

Box contente i tre vinili Rush,Fly by Night e Caress of Steel

-Rush Through Time (1981)

compilation uscita solo in Olanda

Making memories,2112 ( Ouverture , Temple of Syrinx ),Bastille Day,The twilight zone,Something for nothing

Best i can,Cindarella man,Closer ot the heart,Anthem,In the end

- Anthology (1984)

compilation venezuelana diffusa in Spagna e America Latina

Templos,Tom Sawyer,Cercano al corazon,Candilejas,Los arboles

Subdivisiones,Espiritu de la radio,El chico analogo

-Chronicles (1990)

CD 1

Finding My Way,Working Man,Fly By Night,Anthem,Bastille Day,Lakeside Park,

2112 (Ouverture,The Temples Of Syrinx),What You're Doing (live),A Farewell To Kings,Closer To The Heart

The Trees,La Villa Strangiato,Freewill,Spirit Of Radio

CD 2

Tom Sawyer,Red barchetta,Limelight,A passage to Bangkok (live),Subdivisions

New world man,Distant early warning,Red sector A,The big money,Manhattan project

Force ten,Time stand still,Mystic rhythms (live),Show don't tell

uscito anche in versione con dvd chronicles

-Retrospective I (1997)

The Spirit Of Radio,The Trees,Something For Nothing,Freewill,Xanadu,Bastille Day

By-Tor And The Snow Dog,Anthem,Closer To The Heart,2112 (Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx)

La Villa Strangiato,Fly By Night,Finding My Way

-Retrospective II (1997)

The Big Money,Red Barchetta,Subdivisions,Time Stand Still,Mystic Rhythms,The Analog Kid

Distant Early Warning,Marathon,The Body Electric,Mission,Limelight,Red Sector A

New World Man,Tom Sawyer,Force Ten

-The Spirit of Radio (2003)

Working man,Fly By Night,2112 (Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx),Closer To The Heart,

The Trees,The Spirit Of Radio,Freewill,Limelight,Tom Sawyer,Red Barchetta

New World Man,Subdivisions,Distant Early Warning,The Big Money,Force Ten,Time Stand Still


Closer To The Heart,Tom Sawyer,Subdivisions,The Big Money,Mystic Rhythms

-Rush Gold (2006)

raccolta che unisce Retrospective I & II con Working Man che sostituisce Something for Nothing.

in alcuni paesi uscita con il titolo The Essential Collection.

-Retrospective III (2009)


One Little Victory (remix),Dreamline,Workin' Them Angels,Presto,Bravado,Driven,The Pass,

Animate,Roll the Bones,Ghost of a Chance (live), Nobody's Hero,Leave That Thing Alone

Earthshine (remix),Far Cry


Stick it Out,Nobody's Hero,Half the World,Driven,Roll the Bones,Show Don't Tell,The Pass,

Superconductor,Far Cry,Malignant Narcissism,The Seeker (live),Secret Touch (live),Resist (live)

-Working Men (2009)

raccolta live

Limelight,The Spirit Of Radio,2112,Freewill,Dreamline,Far Cry,Subdivisions,

One Little Victory,Closer To The Heart,Tom Sawyer,Working Man,YYZ

presente anche in versione video con la medesima tracklist.

-Time Stand Still (2010)

The Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer,Freewill,Fly By Night, The Big Money,Time Stand Still,

Limelight,Finding My Way,By-Tor and the Snow Dog, A Passage to Bangkok,

Distant Early Warning, The Trees,Coser to the Heart

- Icon(2010)

raccolta per il mercato americano

Working Man,Fly By Night, The Necromancer,The Twilight Zone,Closer to the Heart,Circumstances

Freewill,Limelight, The Analog Kid,Red Sector A,Marathon,Force Ten

versione con un secondo cd contenente brani dai live ufficiali.

Bastille Day Live; 2112 Live; The Spirit of Radio Live; Tom Sawyer Live; La Villa Strangiato Live; Closer To the Heart Live; New World Man Live; Vital Signs Live; The Big Money Live; Mystic Rhythms Live; Time Stand Still Live

Rush Sector Box Set

Sector One:

•Rush (1974)

•Fly By Night (1975)

•Caress of Steel (1975)

•2112 (1976)

•All The World’s A Stage (1976)

•Fly By Night Audio DVD (5.1 Surround/Stereo)

Sector Two:

•A Farewell To Kings (1977)

•Hemispheres (1978)

•Permanent Waves (1980)

•Moving Pictures (1981)

•Exit…Stage Left (1981)

•A Farewell To Kings Audio DVD (5.1 Surround/Stereo)

Sector Three:

•Signals (1982)

•Grace under Pressure (1984)

•Power Windows (1985)

•Hold Your Fire (1987)

•A Show Of Hands (1988)

•Signals Audio DVD (5.1 Surround/Stereo)

Rush The Atlantic Studio Albums (1989- 2007)

box set gli album rimasterizzati dell'era Atlantic da Presto a Snakes & Arrows (Vapor Trails si presenta nella versione remix del 2013