South Yard

2008 March 30

Mulching the Side Yard

At 6:00 pm on Saturday, after one of my favorite shows, 'Ask This Old House' had ended, I decided to weed the side yard, adjacent to the kitchen. By noon on Sunday I had pulled all the weeds, taken 1/2 of a cubic yard of soil to the dump, placed filter fabric, and spread 1 cubic yard of mulch.

This is the after photo. I didn't have the foresight to take a before photo. I hope that the filter fabric in conjunction with the mulch will make this 100 square foot strip of land maintenance free.

But my work is not done. I still need to go into Cathy's yard and place something between the fence and concrete to keep the soil in her yard from spilling into our yard.

Updated 14 June 2011: Since the addition has piping to channel rainwater away from the house, I decided to tie the three existing downspouts into the system. This photo shows two of the downspouts. The pipe daylights down at the wheel barrows.

Here's a view looking in the opposite direction.

Here's the downspout at the corner of the garage.

Here's one of the connections with no less than five fittings.

And here's the completed work, with the trench backfilled and mulch regarded.