2009 Oct-Nov-Dec

2009 October-November-December

Life with PJ

5 October 2009: 22 Months

On the 11th and 15th of this month, PJ said his 7th and 8th words, "uh oh" and "juice" respectively. He has added "uh oh" to his repertoire, but "juice" seems to be a one hit wonder thus far.

22-month old PJ is "working it" during his monthly fashion shoot with the bear.

With the bear assuming the role of Santa Claus, PJ looks away after having whispered his present request into the big guys ear.

"Excuse me, I've been posing for 90 seconds. If you want to take more photos we need to renegotiate the contract."

Mommy created a great new play area for PJ in the corner near the Storm Trooper. Sometimes, PJ gets so upset when the trains go off the track that we have to take the trains away. His proclivity to push, rather than pull the trains, contributes to his high rate of crashes.

PJ and Thomas. Daddy bought PJ a huge box of jumbo Legos and this train at a preschool garage sale a few weeks ago.

In search of the elusive scowl, Daddy took many pictures of PJ. Alas, I think I might have better luck getting a photo of Bigfoot.

7 October 2009: Giant Poop

Yes, we are the kind of parents that take photos of poop. Perhaps that isn't so unusual in this day in age, since most people have a camera on their person at all times in the form of a phone. However, I am the parent that goes one step further and measures / weighs the poop. For reference, the baby wipe weighs 0.3 ounces.

5 November 2009: 23 Months

Highlights of the previous 30 days:

1) PJ is now tall enough (36 inches in shoes) to go on the kiddy rides at the Oakland Zoo. This is quite a relief to Mommy since he was allowed on the rides 4 months ago, but then denied on subsequent visits, apparently due to the "state cracking down". I'm pretty sure that Oakland has bigger problems than 35-inch kids going on rides for 3-footers.

2) A few days ago, Daddy kissed Mommy and PJ then headed down the hill to work on his bike. Mommy called Daddy later to report that PJ had asked where Daddy was, and when told Daddy was at work, PJ burst into tears. Not just tears but huge sobbing, sloppy crying tears...

3) PJ has learned many new words. Most are one-hit-wonders but not "pop pop", "this", "mum", "bubble", "mine", and "go".

  • "Nemo" on Oct. 5,
  • "Pop Pop" on Oct. 12 for popcorn or lollipop,
  • "Yi" on Oct. 14 for "Ayi" or auntie in Mandarin
  • "this" on Oct. 18,
  • "Mum" on Oct. 22 for moon,
  • "Poo Poo" on Oct. 22
  • "Bubble" on Oct. 24
  • "Mine" and "Down" on Nov. 4
  • "Go" on Nov. 5

4) PJ impressed everyone with his dancing at Mark and Melissa's Dia de Los Muertos party. This was due to the fact that he was dancing with an audience and sometimes that audience taught him some new moves!

PJ was a "Luchador" or Mexican wrestler for Halloween. Note that the stick was not part of the costume.

Two photos of PJ with his bear are below. It's getting much harder to get these photos as he is so fast and always on the move. In the first photo, he needs to make a poop, an activity which gave him quite a bit of trouble this past month.

Three photos of PJ playing with bubbles in his bath are below. Our dentist gave us the bubbles on our last visit, and now PJ makes sure we don't forget to play with them during his bath. Blowing bubbles, after I have cleaned him, is one of my favorite tasks, along with giving him breakfast in bed in the morning, smoochies, wrestling, bedtime, ...

5 December 2009: 24 Months

Saturday, the day the "very hungry caterpillar" ate too much food and got a stomachache, was the inspiration for PJ's 2nd birthday.

Here's the food that made the caterpillar sick: chocolate cake, ice cream cone, pickle, Swiss cheese, salami, lollipop, cherry pie, sausage, cupcake, watermelon. The cake and ice cream cones where home made by Mommy while the cherry pie was from Frog Hollow Farms and cost $25!

Three more photos of the food, along with PJ, Mommy, a headless Lau-Lau, Maeve and Grandpa are below.

A special guest at the party was the "very hungry caterpillar" himself.

Back row from left: Ray, Doug, Jin-Jin, Emily, Will, Maeve, Jennifer and John

Front row from left: Niki, PJ, Merle, Tim, Renato, Michelle, Casey

Late attendees: Mark, Isabella, Wen and Benjamin

And let's not forget about the pictures with the bear. PJ is an old pro at this by now, and will sit patiently, at least for the first photo. However, all bets are off after that.