Proposal in Paris

2002 May

Paris Proposal

In May I was back in Paris for a while and proposed to Emily! And what a proposal, but that is another story. Well, I actually wrote the wedding proposal in the form of an engineering proposal for a job involving "Deep Foundations". The final product (included below) is almost 10 pages long and includes a Microsoft Project schedule detailing our life so far and also how our future is envisioned. Because of limitations of the software I was not able to plan more than 50 years in advance. No engagement ring was given since I was afraid of being ripped off (besides being cheap). Also, Emily wanted a ruby in a platinum band so it made sense to pick it out together at a future date. By the way, ladies, if you are proposed to, do not put off getting the ring. We have been married over a year now, and I still haven't seen hide nor hair of that ring. Of course, he has a great excuse: Well, we only have X amount of money, and you can use it to buy a ring, but keep in mind, this money is also for our house....

  • Click here for a pdf the proposal.
  • Click here for a pdf of the schedule.