Point Reyes (GGG 1)

2009 January 23 and 24

Point Reyes

I joined a bunch of Bay Area lightweight backpackers for an overnight trip to Point Reyes this weekend. Everyone but me hiked into Wildcat on Saturday from the south via the Palomarin trailhead and exited Sunday at the Bear Valley Visitor Center trailhead.

I opted to come and go from the east via fire roads on my bicycle. My route was 6.5 miles each way, starting at elevation 250 at the Five Brooks trailhead, topping out at elevation 1,324 before dropping down to sea level at the campsite. The ride took me 45 minutes each way and was a blast due to the long downhill sections at the end of each day.

It was overcast and windy all Saturday but the weather changed for the better and we had blue skies on Sunday.

Saturday afternoon just before setting off.

When I arrived most of the group was already there.

Here, Tony Wong, the trip photographer, scrambles up the notch in the rock just north of Almere Falls and about a mile south of the Wildcat campsite.

A view from the top of Alamere Falls.

Back to trailhead, in the sun, about 16 hours after being dropped off.