2016 October

Eric and Kat's Wedding

2016 August

Backyard Wedding Dinner

2011 July

Em's Birthday Dinner

2010 August

SEAONC Presentation

2010 May

Scoobie is Late

2010 May

New Office

2009 June

KMAC Presentation

2008 December

Christmas Brunch

2008 November

First Thanksgiving

2008 August

First Family Vacation

2008 June

All-Clad Score

2008 April

Adventures at the Dump

2008 February

Casey's 33rd Birthday

2007 November

Celebrity Dinner

2007 April

These are not the Droids...

2007 March

So Long Big Blue

2007 January to December

Nice Views

2007 January

Fault Map and Slide Map

2007 January

Pest Inspection Report

2007 January

Property Inspection Report

2007 January

We Buy a House

2007 January

Houses We Didn't Buy

2007 January

Our First Apartment

2006 November

Em's First Car

2006 June

Chez Panisse Farm Party

2005 April

Tea Party

2005 January

Harold McGee Party

2004 November

Our Northern CA Wedding

2004 July

Em's 29th Birthday

2003 November

Southern CA Wedding

2002 November

Scottish Wedding

2002 August

Cordon Bleu Graduation

2002 May

Parisian Proposal

2000 June

Arsha's Wedding