Ridge Vent

2007 May

Ridge Vent

After spending agonizing hours cleaning out the attic, installing the ridge vent was much easier, taking only a few hours one afternoon. However, it was a bit more nerve racking since I was cutting a long hole into a 1-year old roof. But I was glad to have the ridge vent when we started the kitchen remodel and the new stove location put the new hood vent right into a ceiling stud. Reframing for the vent was not difficult, but it was a pain getting tools and materials up and down.

Here is a left-over piece of the ridge vent.

This is section of the lower ridge over the front bedroom, it doesn't have a ridge vent.

Here I've placed the left-over ridge vent on the ridge above the front bedroom.

This is the installed vent along the main ridge of the house.