Crawl Space Storage

2008 June

Storage Under the House

The first weekend after we moved in I spent a day and a half under the house installing shear walls. Later in the year I cleaned out all of the crap that was done there. This month I fixed it up so that it's a suitable place to store tools, wood, boxes of stuff, etc.

The first task was laying filter fabric on the ground and then covering the fabric with stone. I only did this in the one area that gets wet during heavy rains. The rock will keep me out of the mud and the fabric will keep the mud from mixing with the rock. Next I installed 6 lights, putting them all on a single switch near the door. With working lights I installed some shelves and then moved my stuff in.

This photo is taken from the door looking east, towards Highland Blvd.

This photo is taken with my back to the pipes you see in the first photo.