Firecracker 10k

17 February 2019

Firecracker 10k

While PJ was in the middle of his spelling bee in Pleasanton, Mei and Mom were 350 miles to the south participating in a 10-kilometer fun-run in Los Angeles, mainly around Dodger's Stadium. The next day PJ and I took the 12-hour Amtrak train ride down the coast then we had fun in LA for a few days before driving home, via Big Sur, on Friday.

Mei with her medal.

Mei and Mom after completing the 10k.

Mei made it to the top, and we have a picture of that, but I like this one more.

Mei the goddess.

Mei learns not to drop food into the boiling broth during a Shabu-Shabu lunch on Tuesday.

On Tuesday night we had a great meal at Bestia. This photo is by someone else from the interwebs.

And PJ and I saw Ray's apartment for the first time, which is downtown just blocks from the Staples Center.

Wednesday we get the #19 at Langers for brunch.

Then we park (for free) in the garage below Ray's apartment and see this cool car.

And take the Metro to the California Science Center.

Of course we make a dam.

And then broadcast news about the failure of the dam.

PJ attempts the climbing wall at CSC.

Mei makes it to the top. We are proud of Mei but more so of PJ as he was very gracious to his sister despite failing to reach the top himself.

One day I may make rebar trees at out house.

After CSC we take the Metro then bus (through Skid Row) to Guerrilla Tacos.

Part of the menu.

Hamachi Tostada.

Pocho Taco.

Then Em surprised us by bringing this to the table. We devoured it before I could take a picture so had to find this one on the interwebs.

Then we took the Metro again to Hollywood Blvd. where we walked with the stars in a light drizzle and saw where the road was closed due to the upcoming Academy Awards.

We saw some old friends at Ripley's Believe It Or Not and watched mechanized model of the world's tallest man stand up and sit down.

When we finally got back to Ray's apartment the fancy car had changed colors!

Driving home Tejon Pass was a winter wonderland so we stopped and played in the snow.

It wasn't that cold.

Snowball fights!

Flip flops in the snow.

After heading North on 5 we go West to the coast and stop at the Hearst Castle Visitor Center.

Mei at the visitor center with displays that you are encouraged to touch.

We stop at the north end of huge landslide that closed Highway 1 a few years ago.

McWay Falls in Big Sur.

Then we make another stop and hike down to this rad area.

What will Mei find in the tidepools?

Lots of cool stuff, including this sea anemone.

From the snow to the sea in one day.

We stop for a late lunch/early dinner at Cafe Kevah but has just closed so we head up to Nepenthe. The food looks great and is reasonably priced but the views are lacking so we head north.

To a taqueria in Seaside where we get tacos, burritos and these rad nachos!

A long day of driving and a fun LA trip ends sharing an ice cream sunday at Fenton's in Oakland.