2007 January to December

Stump Removal

Lately I've been stumped, removing stumps that is. It's hard, dirty work but I like it. I suppose the reason is that at the end of a few hours of work I can see what I've done, and know that I won't have to do it again. This is quite a contrast to some of the kitchen remodeling work such as dry-walling (and the associated sanding and painting) were one more step always seemed to be required.

In the front yard I removed 3 stumps, the Juniper being the most difficult by far. One Wisteria stump came out at the side of the house and eight stumps came out in the backyard. At one point, while engaging in an epic struggle with a particularly stubborn specimen, Doug popped over and asked if he could help, having heard my shouts and groans all the way across the street.

In this photo you can see our 'as-purchased' front yard including the Juniper at the corner of the front bedroom that I had an epic struggle with.

Ha, I have defeated the Juniper and made a good start on the French Drain.

Here are a few of the many specimens of "side-a-road-icus" featured in our backyard when we moved in. I've cut them all down except for the Magnolia, which is to the right, just out of the photo.

This was the only stump that defeated me. Specifically, I was not able (or willing) to dig it all the way out since it was so big and close to the fence. Pa came up with his chainsaw and we ended up cutting it as far below grade as we could without getting the chain dulled by the dirt.

Here a some of the eight stumps I've dug out of the backyard.