Window Trim

2008 August 2

Replacing Rotten Window Trim

I'm surprised it took me so long to replace the rotten trim around the window at the front bedroom since I couldn't help but notice it every time I entered or exited the front door.

Rotten trim has been removed. Luckily, the wood underneath is in good shape. Just in case though, I coated the corner that had the rotted trim with copper green.

Another view with the old trim removed and the new redwood trim leaning against the wall.

Close-up of the corner where the trim was rotted. Luckily the wood beneath was not rotted but I doused it in copper green just to be safe. The three nails, along with glue, are to hold the part of the sill on that broke off when I was removing the trim. The sill here and at all of the other windows are in great shape.

New trim in place. Before nailing it up I back-primed the trim and also the wood beneath the trim. I also back-caulked the trim.

Trim after caulking and two coats of white primer.