Observation Deck

2002 June

Observation Deck

Redwood trees never stop growing around here, unless they die, so if you are not careful your once sunny acreage may turn into a year round shadow. My mother was feeling these pressures so had some of the trees trimmed, including a few way up on top of the ridge. With ribbon I marked where the trees where to be cut and after all said and done I had a living foundation for my "Observation Deck".

Five small diameter redwoods make up the foundation for the Observation Deck. The drop to the left is about 15 feet while you are at grade to the right.

On goes the 2x6 redwood decking. Below you can see the shed and house in the shade and sun respectively.

My mom and I enjoy the completed deck with views of the log cabin and beyond. During the summer my parents like to read up here with a cup of tea.

And about 2 years later we have an unrecognizable structure with Pa and a barely visible Scoobie.

But the deck is still there, as you can see. Now it simply has a living redwood guard rail that is not quite up to code but as long as my parents live here I'll stamp the drawing.

This is the view from the deck, with Emily waving from the driveway.

And this is the view from Emily's vantage point in the last photo. Pa is barely visible, standing with arms raised, on the deck. It's amazing how fast the scrub on the hillside has recovered since we cleared it shortly before the deck was built.