Our Northern CA Wedding

2004 November

2nd Anniversary (Northern California Wedding)

Uncle Bob said that for our 2nd wedding anniversary he would throw us a party at his house in the Diamond Heights area of San Francisco. He did, it was great, and some of the pictures (thanks to Sherrie) are given below.

A great picture as at least one of us usually has a wonky expression and we, well I, almost never get dressed up.

Sherrie, the photographer, and her husband Per.

Here we have a lady in red, Sherrie's mother Amy, Wilson, and Merle; Emily's parents. They came up from Southern California for the party.

The fab five appear to be having a fabulous time. From the left we have Tom, Kenneth, Zach, Emily, and Bernard.

From the left: Audrey with her husband Joe and Jamer with his wife Mae.

Ms. Hannah Wood, meet Mr. Michael Woods. If you would like to read interesting stories about my adventures with these characters please see the July 2004 Hetch Hetchy trip and the June 2004 Arroyo Seco trip for the lady and gentleman respectively. Both can be found in the Backpacking section of this site.