Henry Coe

2012 February 18 to 19

Henry Coe

Around 11 am on Saturday PJ and I kissed Mama and Mei-Mei goodbye then hopped in the car and zipped towards PJ's first backpacking trip in Henry Coe state park outside of Morgan Hill, California. I had wanted to take PJ on such a trip for quite some time, but was so afraid that he wouldn't enjoy himself that I kept putting it off.

I shouldn't have waited so long. PJ had a marvelous time, as did Grandma and Grandpa who met us at the trail-head. I can't wait for our next trip.

Click here for a short movie (36 second 3.5 MB mov file) Grandpa made of PJ at Coe.

And click here for a pdf of Grandpa and Grandma's FANTASTIC trip report.

Our campsite was about 3 miles away, and I was prepared to carry PJ the whole way to ensure he had a good time. I didn't have too. I'm not sure how long we took, but I only carried him for about 5 minutes each way.

I carried all of PJ's gear in my pack. His pack contained things that he deemed important such as Lego Champion (which this photo shows up playing), his bear, several books, and a headlamp.

PJ was quite excited to sleep in the tent with me, and the feeling was mutual. Despite temperatures just above freezing he slept soundly. I woke often throughout the night and couldn't have been more chuffed to just watch and listen to him sleep. This photo was taken by Pa in his tent which was next to ours. It is fuzzy as it is taken through 2 layers of mosquito netting.

Once it got dark everyone gravitated towards the fire and I brought out the smore ingredients.

The next morning PJ made more smores.

PJ looks longingly at yet another smore on Sunday morning while Grandma and Grandpa enjoy morning coffee by the fire.

PJ and Grandpa back at the trailhead.