Felton Front Yard

1988 Summer

Front Yard in Felton

It all started when I was only 13 and my parents bought an above ground pool and had someone install it in our front yard. The pool has long since been replaced with a pond but my work in the front yard, and the majority of that first deck I built around the pool still remain intact. The deck was just the start, as the years past it was modified and other projects took shape including the aforementioned pond, walkways, flagstone patios, brick patios, a small lawn, a railroad tie retaining wall, a redwood branch fence, and most recently (2003) a redwood tree supported deck and accompanying cable-stayed bridge. Of course the hardscape is only half of the story and without gardening done by my mom the yard would not be the special place that it is.

What could be better than relaxing on a summer day in paradise, otherwise know as my parents house. In this photo we can see the original log cabin, the addition to its right, the deck I built when I was 13, the pond that replaced the above ground pool, a washed out flagstone patio, a small part of the lawn, and the cable-stayed bridge leading to the redwood tree deck.

And here we have a close up shot of the pond. It took several iterations before I figured out a way to keep the water line above the pond liner. Incidentally, the pond is fed by a natural spring, is maintenance free, and full of happy little fish.