Yuba River

2005 September 4

Yuba River

This trip was inspired by a picture of a fantastic swimming hole in Via Magazine. After driving almost all the way to Nevada on Interstate 80 we came to the designated campground only to find that the picture was taken at another undisclosed location (what a bunch of jerks at Via). Anyway, we made the best of it by heading back west on 80 and then cutting over to South Fork of the Yuba River.

This is the picture that I saw in Via Magazine that inspired the adventure. I sure would like to now where it is.

But instead this is what we found. It was close, but not quite what we wanted. The photo on the right is a zoomed in view of the waterfalls in the background of the picture on the left.

Another photo of the not quite right swimming hole. The magazine article did get one thing right, the spot is right next to the Interstate, as you can see from this picture.

Here we are on the Yuba River at the spot where we had lunch. Note the waterfall above Em's head.

Another shot of our lunch spot featuring Em standing in the waist deep water.

A bit downstream of our lunch spot we found this giant pool with small sandy beach.

We shared the pool and sandy beach with a few other people...

...including this sandy person.

A bit downstream of the large pool and sandy beach a naked man was sunning on the rocks just above the water. I am visible at the very top of the picture much further downstream standing on the rock outcropping.