2008 Jan-Feb-Mar

2008 January-February-March

Life with PJ (but not yet Mei Mei)

5th January 2008: PJ's 1 Month Interval Pictures

PJ turned 1 month old today and, at my Mom's suggestion, we will take pictures of the little guy with the big bear every month on the 5th for the next few years.

PJ and the bear at 1 month.

About a week before his 2-month birthday PJ started to smile. However, despite all of our funny faces and voices he wouldn't cooperate and show his pearly gums today, his 2-month birthday.

PJ and the bear at 3 months.

Extreme close up at 3 months.

PJ's Second Trip to Felton, 20 February 2008

Due to car difficulties Em made an overnight trip to Felton, and, quite unexpectedly, Pa took some decent photos.

Walk with Dad, 3 March 2008

Getting used to being a Dad has not come easily to me. Today, however, I took PJ for a walk while Em was home taking a much needed nap. For most of our outing the little guy was quite alert, taking in all he could see despite being strapped to my chest. Five minutes from returning home, walking down the middle of Highland Boulevard in the sun with the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco to my left, I noticed that PJ was asleep and I was so overcome with a sense of profound happiness that I cried.

PJ Turns 3 Months Old, 5 March 2008

The following photos were taken on and a few days after PJ's 3-month birthday.

The following four photos progressively zoom in on PJ in the chair.

PJ was born with a substantial shock of hair, styling of which brings no small amount of happiness to Mom. See photos below.

100 Days of PJ, 16 March 2008

First we delayed the 1-month PJ party, then the 2-month, and finally the 3-month, but the 100-day celebration would not be denied. We didn't take enough photos during the actual event so the first two photos below where taken a few days after the big event.

PJ and mom a few days after the party.

PJ in the bouncy chair.

Self explanatory cupcakes.

Handsome and Julya. PJ is wearing Daddy's favorite shirt.

Cindy, Courtney, Su and Michelle with Ann and Diane in the background.

Rusty, Rayneil and Laura. Ray can always be counted on to make goofy faces, unintentionally, in photos.

Cathy, Bernard, Martin and Eric.

Colin, Cindy and Courtney, the three C's plus Su.

Belly Time in the Sun: 29 March 2008