2007 (the whole dang year!)

Life with PJ (but not yet Mei Mei)

20th November 2007: External Version (aka Baby Back Flips)

Baby's are supposed to come out head first. PJ had other ideas. Ultrasound images showed him head up, so in late November we came to the hospital for an "external version". In this process, the doctor tries to flip the baby around by pushing on the stomach. Dr. Ahsan had her hands so far into Em's abdomen that I was sure she was going to pull out a chicken spleen ala the Phillipino fake doctors. Alas, after a good effort PJ didn't budge so we scheduled a cesarean surgery 1 week prior to the calculated due date.

2007 May 14. First picture of PJ.

Em in our newly planted garden on the morning before the attempted flip. The garden across the street belongs to Steven and Martin. Martin designed our garden (we can never thank him enough) and they now call it their annex.

Em and a nurse after the unsuccessful flip attempt.

Em and Doctor Ahsan after the flip attempt. During the procedure the Doctor noted that the baby "was not diminutive". How right she was.

July to November, 2007: Mommy Belly

Mommy at 4.5 months at the end of our trip from Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley in July.

Em rocks the 6-month baby belly bikini at Hanauma Bay in Oahu in September. I don't know why any woman would want to cover up her belly with the stupid maternity swim suits... This is way better!

Saturday morning Mommy belly on November 3rd. PJ is due in less than 6 weeks and Em only has 4 more 8-hour shifts at work. Doesn't seem that much bigger than in late September!

Future grand mommy and mommy in late September.

4th December 2007: Last Day Before PJ

On the last day before PJ came to be, Melissa came over to take Mommy photos, which are displayed below.

5th December 2007: PJ's One and Only Birthday

PJ was born around 1 pm today. He came in at 9 pounds and 3 ounces and 203/4" long.

11th December 2007: PJ's Name

Yesterday, while Dad was at work, Mom went back to the hospital to make PJ's name official. Drum role please, presenting:


If he decides to become a country-western star he'll be know as Billy Oliver. The following photos were taken today.

This priceless look is not at all uncommon for WOHSB.

Another shot in his ever growing pile of stuffed animals.

Daddy and baby on the new swing.

Daddy will not let the evil Storm Trooper take you.

I might get in trouble for this one. At least he's not on the stove.

Consolation by Mommy. It's tough being a baby.

2007 Dec. 16. First bath.

19th December 2007: PJ's Hospital Bill

Today, in the mail, we received two envelopes from the hospital where PJ was born. Each envelope contained a single sheet summarizing how much the hospital was going to charge our insurance company. Care to guess the total? I'll let you select between four choices:

a) $40

b) $400

c) $4,000

d) $40,000

Note that hospital fees weren't always so crazy. The jpg below is the receipt from my mom's birth in Alaska back in 1944.

22nd December 2007: Great China Restaurant and PJ

Tonight, for the first time, we went out to eat with PJ. Our restaurant of choice was Great China in downtown Berkeley, just a few blocks towards the campus from the BART station. Since it was crowded, and they didn't take a reservation for us since we were only 5 (or 6 with PJ), we had to wait about 1/2 hour to be seated and then spent 1-1/2 hours eating. He was a bit fussy before we were seated, then nursed once while waiting for food, but spent the remainder of the time sleeping. The restaurant is known for Peking Duck, I liked it, but more importantly, so did Em, her brother, and parents. At the end of the meal I opened a fortune cookie for PJ which read:

Customize your own message. Call: (510) 835-0520. Ask for David.

Oops, the other side said:

A romantic mystery will soon add interest to your life.

Hmm. The pictures below were taken a few days later, December 29th specifically, when Melissa and Isabella came over.