Tea Party

2005 April 3

Tea Party

For many months Em talked of the Tea Party and about 3 weeks before the event she started cooking. Just a bit each night mind you, for maybe 2 or 3 hours, but she kept at it and the amount of goodies in the freezer kept growing. She worked non-stop on Saturday, the day before the event, and on Sunday she finally put me to work assembling sandwiches.

As those who attended will vouch, the final result of her labors was amazing in both scope and quality. Of the approximately twenty people who crammed into our 1-bedroom apartment all ate heartily initially, rested, and then gorged themselves again, yet the supply of food was not to be outdone. In the end even the strongest of the eaters had to concede defeat and take food home. When we polled our guests about their favorite sandwich, to our surprise everyone voted for one of the two vegetarian choices. Henrik (who we were sure to prefer the spicy curry chicken) actually voted for the cucumber mint. Despite everyone's ample lunch boxes we still found ourselves with mass quantities of nourishment at the end of the night but it found a happy ending at the homeless shelter, on movie night no less.

The recipes I used for the tea party can be found in the Food section of this site.

The main table with most of the food along with the tea sandwiches. Also available was Cream Cheese and Cress, sitting next to the large Lemon Blueberry tart and vase of flowers. The favorite seemed to be Cucumber Mint.

Cucumber Mint.

Ham and Pickle.

Red Curry Chicken.

This table was mainly an afterthought after we ran out of room on the main table. Starting from the upper left and heading clockwise are: Wasabi Peas and Beans, Himeko (chili rice crackers), Dried Squid, Sesame Fish, Assorted Cookies (all made from scratch), Peanuts boiled with star anise, and Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds.

What tea party is complete without Dim Sum? Here are vegetarian Garlic Chive Dumplings.

HaGow Dumplings (shrimp and bamboo shoots).

ShuMai Dumplings (pork and shrimp).

If you needed a break from the sandwiches, snacks, dumplings, or tea we had ample deserts including 4 types of cookies (chocolate chocolate chip, maple sugar, jam shortbreads, and madelines)...

...and two sizes of lemon blueberry tarts. No one had the heart to break into the larger pie so we took the entire round to the shelter.

Oh yes, and let us not forget about the Devil's Food Cake, shown here along with the smaller Lemon Blueberry Tarts. I really like chocolate, in any form, and when it is really good my face gets hot and flushed as I eat it.

Currant scones.

Of course it wouldn't have been any fun if none one came, even it was the engineers. From the left are Ann (not an engineer but chose to shack up with one), Henrik, James, and Karen.

Wow, this splice of two pictures turned out really well. I had to see Niki with her priceless expression paired with the pearly whites of Greer.

From the left we see Libby, Ann, Elizabeth, CJ, Niki, and Greer.

My best friend Scott enjoys a Ham and Pickle sandwich.

Whitney, Nathan, and Scott reflect on my unusual obsession with Tintin while digesting and drinking tea on our $100 Craigslist couch (with a microwave thrown in for good measure).