Em's 29th Birthday

2004 July 11

Emily's 29th Birthday

Truthfully, the only reason that I created the "Events" section of CaseyandEmily.com was on account of a picture I took of Emily on her 29th birthday, which you can see below.

Ha, next year will be the big one! I found this book about 8 months before Em's 29th birthday and kept it hidden the entire time. Of course, the location can not be disclosed but it is not a place Emily would dream of looking.

This year Em's birthday fell on a Sunday, unfortunately it was one of every third Sundays that she has to work. However, I went to the restaurant to help out and this gave my parents time to decorate our apartment. After opening presents, including the much sought after stick blender, we went to Picante for a late lunch. This photo was taken after we shared a pitcher of beer.