2009 Apr-May-Jun

2009 April-May-June

Life with PJ

5 April 2009: 16 Months

When strangers, or even people I know, have asked PJ's age I've taken to saying that "He's 1.33 earth units old". Whether or not they understand what I've said, it's fun to see how they react.

No ‘milestones’ have occurred in the last month, however, PJ continues to amaze and entertain us. A new favorite game consists of PJ standing on our bed, and then Mommy and Daddy push him into the pillows on the count to three. This never fails to bring laughter. Another game has Daddy putting his chin to his chest, waving his arms, and exclaiming “What happened to my neck, what happened to my neck?” In response, PJ doesn’t laugh but instead puts his chin to his neck and says “wah wah mah blah fah”.

Regarding sleeping and naps, PJ now has one nap a day around 12:30 or 1 pm that lasts about 2 hours. At night he goes into his crib around 7:30 pm after a 4 ounce bottle of milk and stays there until 7:30 am. He is always awake when we put him in the crib but doesn’t complain at all and is asleep within a few minutes. In the morning he usually wakes up around 7:15 am and talks to himself for awhile before letting us now he really wants to get out around 7:30 am.

I often sing “… he’s pretty much the best little guy, that ever touched the sky”. Well, here he is doing just that.

One day I came home and found PJ like this watching the Backyardigans with his belly was hanging out of his shirt. By the time I got the camera, however, his belly was no longer exposed.

Every day when the weather is nice, and most other days, PJ goes outside and climbs on our neighbors stairs.

And most days PJ also likes to walk up and down the street with Mommy and Daddy.

While trying to get a photo of PJ walking down the street he surprised me be turning on the jets and “running” by me.

Ooops, he should have stretched before running, I think he got a cramp.

Daddy, I don’t want to run anymore.

Pretty soon PJ will be larger than the bear.

Em and I often say that we don’t have a baby anymore but instead a little boy. And then PJ makes a face like this and we melt like butter.

PJ is starting to outgrow his fleece pajamas with built in feet so Mommy bought this two-piece, no feet set.

It’s naked time and PJ is happy to be footloose and fancy free.

Sometimes during photos PJ likes extreme close-up shots.

Hooray for naked time. Here PJ is playing with his friend “Willy”.

Naked time with the fish. PJ is very good at saying the Chinese word for fish, which pronounced “eeww”.

PJ has already outgrown his infant tub and soon he’ll outgrow his Ikea tub.

5 May 2009: 17 Months

It was bound to happen, and on April 21st it did. While checking out at IKEA, Em and I looked at each other and said "Where's PJ?". He was returned to us a few very long moments later by a women leading him by the hand from the exterior doors. Both of us marveled at how fast he was and then scolded ourselves for our poor parenting.

Also this month, PJ has taken to cleaning the floors. He does this two ways. First, he pulls kitchen towels out of their box and wipes the floor under his high-chair, mimicking what Daddy does after each of his meals. He did this one time while we had guests, and I couldn't resist saying "You missed a spot". The other was he cleans the floor is by peeing on it during his naked time. Most of the time this is on the hardwood floors, which requires Mommy and Daddy to wipe it up, leaving it cleaner than before. On recent visit by Uncle Raymond, PJ cleaned the floor in three places within 5 minutes.

PJ after Nathan's Derby party.

So serious.

Little boy or baby?

An attempt to document the white skin in the folds of his tan arms.

Toothy grin.

As usual, the best toys are the packaging.

5 June 2009: 18 Months

PJ is now 3/2 earth units old and at his last check-up Dr. Lang told us he is still in the 90+ percentile for height and weight. With respect to his words, he is a bit behind the curve since he only says Ma Ma and Da Da but the doctor told us it’s nothing to worry about. Despite not talking yet, Emily has taught him to rub his hand on his chest to say ”please”. This technique is great as when he starts whining for something we simply tell him ”what do you say” and he stops whining and rubs his hand on his chest.

PJ likes to drive this car, which someone put out with their trash, around the house.

PJ did not want to sit with the bear for his 18-month photos.

Extreme close-up.

One more attempt to get a photo of ”pretty much the best little guy” and the bear.

Naked time is the best time. Note the buddha belly and tatoo.