Liquor Shelf

2008 July 5 and 13

A Shelf for the Booze

I'm not sure why we have so much booze. I will partake in a gin and tonic a few times a month and Em drinks even less than that. Despite this, we've accumulated a huge store of booze and kept it on a cart in the living room. With PJ on the verge of crawling it needed to be moved and the perfect place for it turned out the be a shelf high up in the opening between the living room and kitchen. In fact, as I'm writing this the booze is above me.

Here's the opening we created between the living room and kitchen. The original plan was to put some sort of high cabinets on both sides of the opening.

And here is the stainless steel liquor cart, $160 at IKEA, and not in any way baby proof.

Here's the liquor shelf, sans liquor.

And here is the shelf full of liquor, along with the bartender and local barfly.

This photo was taken before the previous two. I still needed to take it down, sand then mineral oil the oak, paint the hardware (angles, bolts, rods, nuts and washers) 'primer red', and cut the threaded rods to length.

Oak soaked in mineral oil along with primered steel threaded rod, nuts and washers.

To verify that the angles would be strong enough, I found myself in Home Depot with calculator and tape measure, calculating the stress in the steel.