2008 March 21


Today we had 5 windows replaced with double pane windows filled with argon gas. The front bedroom had three single pane, wooden casement windows, none of which opened. The bathroom had an aluminum window, and our rear bedroom had two vinyl windows that were much too small for the opening. We chose not to replace the garden window above the kitchen sink nor any of the windows on the west wall of the house since they will all be disposed of during our future addition.

The table below shows the cost per window for the four estimates that we received. Guess which one we went with?

Company / Window Manufacturer / Cost per Window

HomeWorks / Anderson / $2000

V&W Patio and Door / Milguard / $675

Sinan's / Empire Pacific / $665

Home Depot / Jeld-Wen / $300

The total price including tax and the permit was $1604. They even took our old windows away for free even though in the contract I declined that option as it was supposed to cost an extra $25 per window.

Our windows installers showed up promptly at 7:30 am and where done by 11:30 am. The lead installer, Max Nikolaychuk, is on the right.

These two photos show the cracked and racked wooden casement windows at the front bedroom. Actually, its hard to say if the windows are racked or the house is.

Photos of the old and new windows at the corner of the front bedroom.

One of the new corner windows at the front bedroom from the outside.

Photos of the new corner windows in the front bedroom from the inside.

The two photos below show the old aluminum bathroom window and the new vinyl replacement.

And these two photos show the old and new bathroom window from the inside.

The following three photos show our bedroom window on the north wall. The first two photos are of the old vinyl window that was too small for the opening by about 3 inches on all sides. The third photo shows the new window.

All of this debris is from the framing that was used to fill in the space between the "too small" window and the original opening.