2012 Jan-Feb-Mar

2012 January-February-March

Life with PJ and Mei Mei

  • Jan. 19 - PJ asks Mama, "When can we return Mei-Mei to the hospital?"
  • Feb. 6 - While waiting to order at Jacks, PJ started to read words on the menu that we are pretty sure he hadn't seen before. Then on the ride home, he wanted to turn off the light above his door but couldn't read it, so he took his shoe off to extend his reach.
  • Feb. 13 - PJ made up a great word, "schnepo", which means you find that your shoe already has a foot in it.
  • Feb. 19 - PJ said, "Mei-Mei, you look hilarious, like a rocket".
  • Mar. 2 - Mei-Mei made a great poop in the bath, much to the dismay of her brother who was also bathing at the time. Send me an email if you want a photo.
  • Mar. 6 - PJ said, "Mama, once you're done mixing (chocolate chip cookie dough) I need to taste it because that is what professional do".
  • Mei-Mei's new words are flowing:

"Elmo" and "Babutton" (belly button) on Jan. 30th

"Boots" on Jan. 31st

"Hi" and "Bye" on Feb. 1st

"Apple" and "Yum" on Feb. 3rd

"More Apple?" on Feb. 4th

"AGCO" (avocado) on Feb. 13th

"Kitty", "nudies", "bear", "push" and "cake" on Feb. 14th

"I want Mama" on March 17th

December 16th - PJ and MM play in the sandbox. I'm not sure why this photo was not in the Aug. to Dec. 2011 page.

December 27th - MM fell asleep at IKEA so we put her in one of the beds.

January 13th - On the train at the Oakland Zoo.

January 15th - I know everyone is going to think I put MM in the bag, but it wasn't me. In fact, I didn't even take the pictures or try to play catch.

If I took the picture, who threw the ball?

January 18th - What are these and what do they have to do with the kids?

January 27th - PJ and MM in the "alpenglow" of the unfinished lower bedroom. I'd give anything to know what MM was explaining to PJ.

January 28th - MM's top three, in no particular order are Lau-Lau, Grandpa and Anna. Here MM and Grandpa enjoy a nap at Berkeley's Adventure Playground.

January 30th - Much to my delight, PJ often texts and calls me when I'm at work. After one such text, perhaps with an accompanying photo, I sent this back to him.

February 5th - I was genuinely surprised, especially since my birthday was still 5 days away.

February 8th - This is a card that Clemens wrote for PJ (misspelled DJ).

February 8th - MM in goggles.

February 8th - PJ art.

February 8th - Bath time.

February 8th - Rocket time.

February 9th - Grandpa takes a photo in the car.

February 10th - My birthday card.

February 10th - My birthday card.

February 12th - PJ is OBSESSED with the board game "Lego Champion".

February 12th - Uncle Will took this photo of MM and got the nice people at Phil's Coffee in Berkeley to put it up, along with the rock star designation, behind the cash register.

February 14th - MM at Target with "Melmo" (Elmo).

February 18th - I'm not sure what we are doing here, or what the occasion is, but I like the photo.

February 19th - Without any instruction from me or Mama, PJ figured out how to use the timer on my waterproof camera and took a bunch of photos such as this one.

February 23rd - MM, in pink on the blue couch, at her future preschool, Skytown.

February 23rd - Sunglasses and hugs.

February 23rd - Hey, gimmeeeee!!!!