Wildcat Canyon Bike Loop

2005 June 19th

Wildcat Canyon and San Pablo Ridge Bike Loop

At the Little Farm in Tilden the ride starts and ends. First is a steep ride up Canon Drive to Wildcat Canyon Road which is followed to Inspiration Point. Here we leave the road and follow the paved Nimitz Way for about 4 miles until it turns into a dirt road named the San Pablo Ridge Trail. The Belgum Trail takes us from the ridge down to the Wildcat Creek Trail which we followed all the way back to the Little Farm.

Either the peak we are on or the one in the background is the highest point on the San Pablo Ridge Trail, topping out at 1,057 feet above sea level. This picture is taken looking approximately north.

Emily has not moved from her spot in the first picture. This time the photo is taken looking west out at the San Francisco Bay, Marin Headlands, and Mount Tamalpais (not visible). The towers of the Golden Gate Bridge, 13 miles away, are barely visible.

And finally, looking east we have views of Mount Diablo and the San Pablo Reservoir.

Perched at the top of the peak, Em contemplates the whether to ride or walk down the trail.

Some parts of the trail are steep and others, such as this slope just before the intersection with the Belgum Trail, are just ridiculous.

Another shot with Em not having moved from the previous spot of the last picture.