First Apartment

2003 November to 2007 January

First Apartment

Em and I will always have fond memories of this, our first apartment. Em found it and we enjoyed over 3 happy years within its walls. We especially liked the great sunny, southern exposure and open layout of the kitchen and living room. During our time here Em walked to work and I rode my bike to Bart.

Creating the plan view required the following multi-step process: 1) draw the plan view in Excel. 2) copy the drawing and 'Paste Special' into Word as an 'Enhanced Metafile'. 3) copy the drawing from Word and paste into FrontPage and save as a gif file.

Our balcony is on the right side and on the 2nd floor. One thing I really liked about our apartment was the outstanding southern exposure. Even on the coldest days of winter we rarely turned on the heat and if we did it was only for a few hours.

Our bedroom as viewed from the closet. Note Em's wine rack / night stand. We both really like our IKEA bed and the associated reading lights that clamp to the headboard.

Another view of our bedroom looking towards to door and into the closet. All the clutter on the dresser and the lower 3 shelves of the bookcase belongs to Em. The bicycle tires behind the door are mine.

Our bathroom sink is separated from the toilet and tub/shower by a sliding door, an arrangement which I grew to like. The tub was not deep enough for proper soaking.

The hallway leads to our living room which is open to the kitchen and dining area. We are both huge fans of combined kitchen / living / dining rooms. When we bought the sofa on Craigslist the seller threw in a brand new microwave.

A view of our two dining room tables from the perspective of the television. For dinner parties we would arrange the tables end to end instead of side to side, as shown above.

Our tiny kitchen. Some say they were amazed at the good stuff that came out of here. The speed rack, in front of the refrigerator, was found Hopkins Street just above Monterey Market. We modified it so that it fits half size sheet pans rather than the odd ball medium size pans that no one uses.