Spelling Bee

2019 February 17

Regional Spelling Bee

First PJ advanced from his classroom spelling bee to the school-wide spelling bee...

...which he won.

Then he took an online spelling test in order to qualify for the Bay Area Regional Spelling Bee. A minimum score of 36 was required, he got 36. In all of the Bay Area, only 57 students qualified. The photos and videos below are of this spelling bee, which took place in Pleasanton on Sunday, February 17th, starting at 9 am.

UPDATE - Rishik Gandhasri (3rd column, 4th from bottom in list below) from Chaboya Middle School in San Jose would go on to win the regional bee after 5 hours and 14 rounds with the word "guanabana" and then go on to be one of the eight winners of the national bee!

A list of the kids who qualified for the 2019 Bay Area Regional Spelling Bee.

Waiting for the spelling bee to start.

Use these links to see videos of PJ spelling.

The auditorium.

Waiting to spell.


PJ's teacher, Ms. Lee, made the drive out to watch PJ spell. Thanks for the support.

After the spelling bee PJ and I took the scooter down to Epicurious Garden and had sushi, followed by tacos, and then gelato for dessert.