2008 Jul-Aug-Sep

2008 July-August-September

Life with PJ

5 July 2008: PJ Turns 7 Months Old

PJ is now 7 months old, has 2 teeth, is on the verge of crawling and walking, and is just pretty much the best little guy ever!

Below are six pictures of PJ and the Bear on his 7-month birthday. By the sixth picture the little guy was ready for something else.

The two pictures below were taken just after the bear pictures. PJ has been able to stand like this since he was born.

More pictures of PJ on his 7-month birthday. The following three pictures were taken at the swing near our house after Mommy went to work. In the last picture PJ is smiling, not crying.

And finally, a contemplative photo of PJ taken while he was attached to Daddy via the Ergo.

7 July 2008: Beppo Eats a Giant Tomato

In addition to trying a tomato today, Beppo actively splashed with his hands in his new bathtub and Mom gave him his first haircut.

Is Beppo a good eater? Will he like tomatoes? I know what I think. What do you think?

Super adventurous is he! Let me at that big red thing. Sure, he tried it, but did he like it?

More please! One of the many bites of the giant tomato eaten by Beppo.

OW-OOD-ZA, the shanghai-nese word made up by Em's grandma for the crud around your mouth when you're a sloppy eater. Daddy is partial to ow-ood-za when eating ice cream.

12 July 2008: Beppo Poops

Today Lau-Lau tried to potty train Beppo. The two photos below show the technique. Maybe we'll try again when he's 8-months old.

In the first photo PJ thinks it's a little early for his bath.

In the next photo he has decided that he likes his blue tub much better than this stinky white one.

20 July 2008: Blackberries

We've got a good blackberry bush in the backyard, more than enough to keep Dad and Peej in purple lips. Normally we'd include a high resolution image of the last photo, but alas, the camera was on the lowest resolution setting when the photos were taken. :(

28 July 2008: New Bathtub

Peej has outgrown his old tub so we picked up a replacement at IKEA for $7. He likes it a lot, but Daddy has a harder time cleaning his 'tso-pipi'.

29 July 2008: Highchair

Peej has a new chair and smile.

5 August 2008: 8 Months Old

Truth be told, the pictures below were taken on August 4th.

21 August 2008: Potty Training Continues

Thanks to Mommy and Lau-Lau Peej has made several deposits on the potty and is well on his way to self service.

5 September 2008: 9 Months Old

Truth be told, the pictures below were taken on September 6th.

Below are six photos of PJ and the bear. In the third picture he is playing with the olive wood pestle while in the last two he's ready for his next shoot.

In the following five photos Beppo has moved to the living room floor to play with some of his toys and read 'Backpacker' magazine.

In the following three photos Beppo has climbed (been installed) onto the 48-inch tall counter and trying to get to the booze. Loyal subscribers to Casey and Emily dot com will note that the liquor shelf was built specifically to keep Peaje out of old liquor trolley. Don't miss the super chubby thighs!

In the following two photos Beppo is attacking a pea frittata.

The following three pictures show PJ in the stool, a position he accidentally got himself into a few days ago which required extraction by Mommy. Yes, we did save the best for last.

14 September 2008: A Perfect Sunday with Mommy and PJ

Our day starts with a tasting menu of Jarlsberg cheese, grapes and mortadella. PJ had no clear preference between choices.

After lunch we went to Berkeley's Tot-land and had a great time moving him from toy to toy. When do I get to buy him a real bike?

I'm not sure what this 'spring-table' is called, but Peaje really liked it.

Perhaps PJ will be a pianist.

So much for the piano. Lets play on the 'sit and spin'. Oh dear, Daddy gets sick just watching him sit on it.

Rocket car!

Time for a break after playing with so many toys. And 'aminal' crackers, don't forget the 'aminal' crackers and diluted apple juice.

And with a belly full of jelly, or animal crackers and juice, Peaje is ready for more toys, specifically a blue horse with a tasty head.

Back at home, around 6 pm, we give Peaje his nightly bath. He's pretty much the best little guy ever and only improving!

23 September 2008: Haircut

Today PJ went to Snippety Crickets to get his first official haircut. Mommy notes that he wasn't nearly as cheerful as he appears in the photo.

This photo was taken by Uncle Will's I-phone in Santa Cruz on September 19th.

27 September 2008: Donation to Goodwill

Today we filled up the back of the car with old clothes, dishes and what-not for donation to Goodwill. At said donation, PJ scored a Radio Flyer wagon!