2008 Oct-Nov-Dec

2008 October-November-December

Life with PJ

5 October 2008: 10 Months Old

Now that Peaje is a big boy, when I come home after work I don't need to entertain him. Instead I watch him play and smother him in smoochies and hugs.

Below are three pictures of PJ and the bear, taken on his 10-month birthday, followed by a special photo of PJ on his pony. Note the way that he holds onto the ear.

31 October 2008: PJ's First Halloween

I though Peaje should be Mario Batali for Halloween (mainly so he could get little orange Crocs), but Em opted for Tintin. Unfortunately, very few people know who Tintin is.

Daddy (who was supposed to be Captain Haddock) with Tintin and Snowy.

Despite the nametag, several people asked Em if PJ was supposed to be a "preppy" for Halloween.

Our young man was quite happy to shed his Tintin outfit at the end of the day. VERY Tom Cruise Ă  la Risky Business.

A few days before Halloween PJ had some quality naked time.

5 November 2008: 11-Months

Here are the much anticipated monthly photos... As you can see below, he has certainly changed a lot in these past few months!

Peej's now classic GRRAAAARR face. If you've been following these bear pictures from month to month you might think, "Wow, he's now HUGE." And you'd be right...

We now call him Mr. Non-Stop Super-Grabby. You can tell by these pictures that he won't sit still for even a couple seconds.

Where did my baby go? This is clearly not a baby, but a little boy!

Still on the go...

Here comes the grabby part...

Aww... there's my sweet baby!

11 November 2008: Spaghetti Night

These were taken on a night when we decided to have spaghetti with meatballs... So we stripped the PJ down to his diapers and let him at it!

Mmm... Spaghetti!

Maybe this will work better? (Note the excellent tummy spaghetti.)

Still working on my fork skills.

22 November 2008: PJ's Top Three

Daddy loves PJ so much, however the following three items bring me extra joy, an embarrassment of riches if you will.

1) Sprinting to his crib at the first sound indicating that he has risen from his morning or afternoon nap, I find him standing at the rail, crying, and rubbing his eyes. Seeing me, he extends his little arms, I pull him out, hold him tight, and never want to let go. And he doesn't want me to let go, at least for a few minutes until he is fully awake and once again becomes Mr. Nonstop.

2) After bath time, I take PJ from the tub to his room. During this short trip his naked bottom rests on my left forearm. This the most wonderful thing in the world. Other times that I have dared to carry him during his non-bath naked time he has peed on me.

3) My left hand is down near my knee, holding PJ's right hand up near his shoulder. Together we walk from one room to another, or until he decides to sit down or crawl instead.

Through PJ, my capacity for, and belief in love has increased exponentially.

7 December 2008: First Birthday Party!!!

So what can we say? We survived and even thrived in this first year! And to celebrate, of course, we had a PARTY!!! Except for these first two pictures taken on his actual birthday, the rest were taken two days later, at his party. Many good friends, neighbors and family showed up and a good time was had by all. Although the Peej decided that cupcakes were not for him (much to Mommy's relief), Daddy more than made up for it by eating half a dozen. Thanks so much to all those who came and made the Peej's first party such a resounding success! (If any one has any good pictures, please send them and we will post them)

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful... I just like to brush my hair!

The Peej really loves the fish at Jac's Asian Bistro. Here he is, stuffing his face with it on his birthday!

OK, everyone knew this one was coming. What birthday would be complete without THIS picture? And now click here to see the monthly progression of PJ and the Bear. Isn't it amazing?

Gah! Extreme close-up! More on the theme of "Mr. Non-Stop Super-Grabby."

OK, what is everyone singing, and why is my cake on fire?

Ah! Finally it's MY turn! (Despite what it looks like, none of it got into his mouth!)

Cupcake birthday cake! Saves on cutting and gives you more flavors! Here we have Banana Cream and Chocolate Cream!

Here's one of the cuties that came to help celebrate! Tyler is such a big boy now!

And of course, Isabella, who has possibly kissed the Peej more than Mommy... just kidding.

And Miss Maeve, chillin' with the wagon and a chewie like it ain't no thang...

Daddy, what are you doing outside?

The Champ with Grandpa...

Laulau with Greer (and a chocolate cream cupcake!)

Thanks Enrique (and Enrique's Papa and Tio) for the papel picado!

Happy party goers!

Proud Grandpa and Grandma!

The Three Golden Pigs and their Mamas in chronological order from left to right!

Another extreme closeup! What can we say? He loves to get up close to the lens! (a.k.a. try to steal your camera)

The proud parents on their little guy's big day!

The icing on a great day...